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Our history

Our history

Since 1975

Profilstudio di Salvatore Sasso has been operating in the windows and doors sector since 1975 and, in 2003, became Profilstudio srl. Based on the nearly thirty years of its founder’s experience, it has become an avant-garde leader in the selection of products and new sector technologies. Profilstudio’s arched division was founded in 2005 to meet an important challenge: to replicate the beauty of Mediterranean architecture with curved doors and windows in PVC.
To reach our objective, we rely on the most advanced technologies for curving PVC profiles, that are available on today’s market. These include ovens, curving benches and cutting machines for curved profiles by FUX Maschinenbau und Kunststofftechnick; frames and external profiles for a wide range of systems; an internal laboratory for the making of custom frames to fit the most challenging situations; a disc cleaner by Italplastick for the handling of variable angles; software for management of irregular radii developed directly by our internal laboratory. We are firmly rooted in our company’s history and know that our strength lies in a combination of “tradition and innovation”. We are constantly working to expand the range of skills of our highly qualified staff, and strive to create a familiar and welcoming atmosphere both within our workplace, as with our customers.

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